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HTC Desire Eye Smartphone Test Review

Selfie showoff. Its product line enlarges around its One M8 main, and has a smartphone with high performance hardware. It's mainly aimed at selfie lovers in view of a high resolution front-facing camera. Adequate pics are promised by the lens with a double as well as 13 MP -LED flash, and is fairly compelling. The complete package is rounded off by an IP certification.

The Taiwanese cellphone-contractor installs a 13 MP lens, and now desires to teach their opponents a lesson using the HTC Desire Eye -LED flash in the main camera in the rear and also the front-facing camera.

The configuration is quite striking otherwise. A fast Snapdragon 801 ensures a lot of computing ability, as well as the 2 GB is sufficiently dimensioned. But the smartphone isn't clad in aluminum, and therefore the buyer must be satisfied with plastic. A bigger battery could also happen to be used; it comes with a typical capacity.

Besides One E8 versions and the in house One M8, top of the line products like Nokia's Lumia 930 measure in line, Sony's Xperia Z3, Apple's iPhone 6, the G3 of LG, and Samsung's Galaxy S5.

Case: No metal, yet still quality plastic

An excellent impression is made by the plastic casing. The two slots are somewhat difficult to use so you need some time to get used to them.

HTC's Want Eye is created entirely of plastic, and is for sale in the colours "Submarine Blue" and "Coral Crimson". The handheld weighs 152 grams and is rather large.

The casing created a snapping sound in our efforts that were warping, but the smarphone proved fairly stiff and consistently returned to its initial state. The differences are flush and quite even. The user will not have to stress that an excessive amount of dirt will collect here. Besides this, the Eye isn't especially pressure sensitive. High force to the back is necessary to form waves that were light in the monitor.

The slots are somewhat difficult, given that they have to be watertight, but it is tolerable.

Connectivity: very good for everyday usage

OTG is supported so that linking USB flash drive or an outside input device is not an issue. The interface isn't MHL able, though.

Memory cards having capacity may be added in the microSD card reader. Sadly, App2SD isn't supported and from there and opened programs must be set up in the handheld. Nevertheless, temporary Internet files, notifications, along with audio recordings and picture may be directly saved on an optional SD card. 

Exactly the same telephone program as in the larger One M8 is used. It makes a very well-picture impression and is practical.

HTC's Desire Eye's voice quality is adequate. We heard our call associate clean and loud when held to the ear. It does its job well otherwise, although the speaker sounds somewhat piercing in high pitches. This is an excellent option in surroundings that are silent when the mode that is handsfree must be properly used. Although the enclosed headset is not useless, it's certainly not a long term option. On the one hand, it's very bass-heavy as well as to another, an incessant sound accompanies calls.

Cameras: great results by front and back camera

The distinction between both cameras in the Desire Eye of HTC is located in details. The backside illuminated detector (BSI) works by having an aperture of f/2.0. The graphics are sharp and show color precision that is great. But the lens will overexpose areas that are bright . The Desire Eye's low light properties will not be breathless regardless of the BSI detector. Sound immediately springs up in brightness that is poor and also the outlines appear frayed. The colors stay fairly natural as well as LED flash counters.

More individuals can be captured by in return, the 22 millimeter wide angle on a graphic. Actually, adequate results are presented by the camera. It's now the maximum-resolution front lens. The Ascend P7 (8MP) comes closest and some other devices are able to keep this pace in the industry. The grade of the lens in the Desire Eye of HTC can certainly satisfy selfie lovers, and can also be powerful. Even though the color precision may be somewhat better, the focus is not very bad.

Yet, bad, but in addition the diversity of characteristics is remarkable. There are 16 distinct filters while shooting photos which can be utilized, and post production has not been ignored by HTC, either. The image modes cover exactly what could be needed, while offering distinct panorama choices, motivation photos, an automatic passport mode, schism images that enables joining graphics from both cameras, simply to name some.

Videos can be shot by both lenses . Multiple modes can be found here. It's not impossible to make use of the cameras concurrently.

Picture Comparison with other devices

Pick a scene and browse within the primary picture. The zoom measure changes. The initial picture reveals the scaled picture of the evaluation apparatus.

Display: high level brightness

The brightness has significantly increased. The Eye realizes great 654 candle/m^2, which outshines the One M8 (maximum. 531 candle/m^2; 89%). Simply Sony's Xperia Z3 (maximum. 702 candle/m^2; 90%) is the only one brighter. The brightness is quite homogeneous. There is a minor shortcoming the faint aura in the lower right corner, which just became visible on an entirely black backdrop.

You will find almost no noticeable limitations in uncertain conditions. It may just be strenuous to go through the display over an extended interval in bright sunshine, but the Desire Eye can also be not inferior to numerous competitors despite its polished surface here.

The viewing angle firmness is also quite great. The IPS display doesn't have difficulties showing pictures even. We didn't assess a phantom effect or a luminescence. Only the brightness begins to fall marginally from an angle of about 40 degrees.

Performance: SoC guarantees plenty of power

The Desire Eye of hTC has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 MSM8974AB. The SoC also shows that in practice, and guarantees plenty of power.

The machine is about on par using the opponents which are according to a single SoC, and provides the estimated scores in the standards. The AC model is somewhat quicker, but the functionality that is accessible is totally enough and ensures a simple system operation and quick launch programs under Android.

We determined a remarkable browser performance utilizing the stock browser. Internet browsing is speedy, as revealed in the standards.

The storage of 16 GB is really adequately sized, but the user just has 8.8 GB accessible after first use. The shortage might become tight fairly shortly, specifically for gamers despite the fact that it may be enlarged by up to 128 GB.

But the speed of the flash storage will outrun nearly all of its own competitors, and is very great. The G3 as well as the Galaxy Note 4 of lG, nonetheless, stay to function as measure.

Games: gamer will love the Desire Eye

A high resolution a big display, and excellent speakers ensure a lot of gaming pleasure with the Desire Eye of HTC. The Adreno 330 additionally still offers enough power for forthcoming tracks, and supports all common graphical interfaces. There's now no game in the Play Shop that shoves on the GPU to its limitations.

The adequate touchscreen and detectors that are running never destroy the amusement and doesn't give reason for criticism.


The Desire Eye of hTC is another top smartphone that's not clad in aluminum. The selfie handheld it not only for shoots at decent graphics in every scenario and under unfavorable conditions, additionally, it satisfies with the requirements of hardware buffs.

An incredibly speedy SoC in sort of the Snapdragon 801 is incorporated, which ensures easy use of Google's Android 4.4 KitKat. An upgrade to Lollipop can also be in the works. High speed LTE can also be installed, though not in the most recent variant. Besides that, we lose WiFi standard to the most recent ac. The GPS antennas also occasionally lose the network connection, which results in a localization that is somewhat erroneous. Moreover, the storage capacity that is available is a bit tight.

Despite this, the review sample shines with an excellent voice quality, strong loudspeakers, and long run times. Users who enjoy groufies and selfies will barely get around the Desire Eye of HTC.

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