Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Acer TravelMate P256-M Review

Acer attracts lots of office users using its old-fashioned, strong and powerful laptops. Generally, the cost-performance ratio is just right, but the purchase price will have to fall rather a lot in order for this to be accurate for our evaluation version, which uses the Intel Core i3-4005U and a Total high definition screen.

The difference is based on every model's hardware, as they are sometimes equipped with i3-, i5- and i7-CPUs, different sizes and 4 or 8 GB RAM. Several versions have dedicated graphic cards from Intel or AMD, also the buyer can select between resolutions ranging to 1920x1080 pixels (FHD) from 1366x768 pixels. This configuration is unavailable on the homepage of the evaluation version, but it is offered by a lot of retailers for costs beginning at 599 Euros (~$747). Therefore, why does our evaluation version cost a lot more? Could it be worth the extra cash because it has a higher resolution? We'll learn in our in depth review.

The search for devices that are similar was difficult. We selected two 15.6 inch versions which had similar costs and additionally use FHD screens with an optical drive. The P455 M sets itself apart in the evaluation version with its security attributes, such as the fingerprint reader as well as the TPM chip. It weighs 2.5 kg (~5.5 pound) and is somewhat lighter than our evaluation version. The competition is 5 millimeter (~0.2 inches ) more slender, and prices around ~$62 more. The Lenovo B50-70, costs about exactly the same sum in terms of the P256-M. The weight as well as the measurements are not dissimilar to the other models. The connectivity of all three versions is very similar.

Case: simple yet good looking

Acer offers old-fashioned, yet powerful notebooks in the cost ranges that are payable. All these usuallycome with the black case and you can't really tell them apart. This can be true for our evaluation model: matte, straightforward artificial surfaces, which may get dirty but is not too difficult to clean. The foundation could be pushed inwards using a tiny power and makes creaking sounds that were just about not too loud. The display cover could be opened with one hand, although it isn't as invulnerable. The cover can open farther, although it's not going to swing much when hit. We failed to discover any workmanship defects like irregular differences, sharp edges, etc. The manufacturer's style is straightforward, thus look elsewhere if you're trying to find an intriguing or elaborate layout.

Connectivity: good, but could be better

Standard case, conventional connectivity: although everything we usually need, including Ethernet and VGA, are provided, specific interfaces like DisplayPort or eSATA are missing. The interfaces are mostly set close to the front with adequate spacing as is typical for low-cost Acer laptops. But using an external mouse as well as other USB devices concurrently can result in a confusing salad or crashes.


Quick motions are recognized without problems as well as precision and the answer gives no reason to whine. We needed to increase the susceptibility of the touchpad to go around but the susceptibility was excessive, an outside mouse was joined. The pressure point is sharp (perfect for the examiner) as well as the acoustic feedback is not unclear.

Computer Keyboard

We'd have liked to have back lighting with this cost, but the caption of the keys that were level, somewhat harsh is certainly legible. The stroke space is adequate as well as the pressure points are not bad. The impact is somewhat cushioned. Overall, little sound is caused by typing, together with the exclusion of the space key that is noisy. This needs to be fixed for typists, although we knew it could not be a fantastic ThinkPad computer keyboard.


Acer undoubtedly believes that the matte Full HD screen (16:9) is worth the cost increase. The screen uses the low-cost TN technology, which usually offers the luminosity mark of 250 cd and inferior viewing angles  is hardly reached by the TravelMate. The notebook offers this luminosity on battery mode at the same time. 81%'s measured brightness is unworthy of praise, but no bright spots were detected by us when our display was totally dark. Unfortunately, both comparison model displays are not much too light, as they offer just 200 cd/m². There is a matte black not discernible by the human eye, but true this effort is made by the under-typical viewing angles. Despite having a somewhat better value, the TravelMate P455 M provides the same contrast as our evaluation version, while the Lenovo neglects utterly. But both rivals do far worse. The screen suffers from a blue tinge that is strong. We discover the sharpness to be acceptable: at times the picture appears a bit blurry. 51% of the AdobeRGB color space's coverage is adequate. All in all, our evaluation model's panel is not very bad amongst the poor TN panels.

Central Processing Unit

The Center i3 4005U is among the Haswell generation's slowest chips. Because of Hyper threading, it could process up to four threads concurrently, but it's no Turbo, meaning the clock speed of 1.7 GHz is additionally the maximum. In the multicore evaluation the opponents are beat by the i3.

Graphics Card

It shares the single channel memory together with the CPU and does not have any RAM. Compared to using the HD 4400 IGPs of Haswell central processing units which are more rapid, the i3 4005U of our evaluation version performs surprisingly well. Both low-speed centers of the CPU leave the TDP free to work with. The IGP. Astonishingly: regardless of what energy settings are set, at 950 MHz it consistently runs without stagnating. Saving electricity should never be a precedence.


Acer reveals attention by supplying two power adapters, to swapping out the battery, but the maintenance is restricted, because of the style of the notebook. The evaluation version works in office use, offers great workmanship and remains cool and quiet. Long battery life and our test model's ergonomic input devices are great attributes to have. If you're not in a rush, we recommend looking forward to a particular deal to the notebook as the Full HD bundle with adequate hardware is not bad.

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