Sunday, November 2, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

The new era of the Mini smartphones has finally come. The new Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is supposed to be the little brother of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Will it be able to convince the customer?

The Mini from Samsung shows almost no weakness in our test. In the domain of 4.3 inch Smartphones the LTE mobile phone sets new scales. Round corners, central home button and a silver frame make the S4 mini into a small copy of the Galaxy S4. With dimensions of 125 x 62 x 10 millimeters the small smartphone lies comfortable in the hand. We discover a design weakness under the removable back cover. The Slots for the micro SIM and micro SD card were placed under the battery. A memory card exchange may therefor be somewhat tricky. With only about 5 GB of internal memory a micro SD is really needed. The function to shift the apps to the SD card is pre-installed. 

Apart from the design the Galaxy S4 mini blow one's own trumpet with it's exquisite equipment. The mobile phone has LTE, HSPA +, NFC, HDMI by mhl, an infrared broadcasting station and supplied "In Ears" of high quality. Moreover, Samsung installed Android 4.2.2. with the current TouchWiz version. Towards his big brother the mini must forego of the gesture control floating touch. On the other side it possesses many S-features and new camera functions. Thanks to the Snapdragon 400 from Qualcomm the Android system works very smoothly and nearly without stutters on the smartphone. The new dual core system is completely sufficient and the S4 mini doesn't need a Quadcore. With 1.5 GB the RAM is also more than enough.

Camera and Display

By its predecessor, the S3 mini we could still find some weaknesses with the camera. The camera of the new smartphone has 8 megapixel. Our test shot leads us to conjecture that the mini has inherited the camera of the big S3. Because if we compare our test shots from both devices we can see only marginal differences. The new device makes sharp photos with beautiful colors, only with weak light the quality of the image decreases. The display of the small S4 works with the AMOLED TECHNOLOGY and achieves very good results by contrast and color space. Samsung decreases the resolution for two levels. While Full HD would be actually too much for 4.3 inch, we would have at least expected HD. Still, on the qHD (960 x 540) resolution display we couldn't find any pixel. This is thanks to the pixel matrix, because the South Koreans don't use pentile matrix, but rather they use RGB matrix.

Power Consumption

The battery of the mini has a capacity of 1900 mAh what is an remarkable value. The big battery takes care of long uptimes and at the same time it uses every millimeter to fill up the case completely. While using the phone the battery can last for 7 hours and while using it for Internet the mini can last for 9 hours! Once the battery is completely empty it takes you about 2.5 hours to recharge fully.

Now let's see what this smartphone is capable of in terms of acoustic. The music player offers together with the "In-Ears" a very good sound with strong equalizer settings. The speech quality is good and we had clear lines so that we didn't notice any issues during our conversation.


There isn't much left to say for this product except maybe congratulating the South Korean manufacturer for such an impressive cost-benefit ratio smartphone. The main target audience may be those people who want to possess a mobile phone with high performance capabilities, but at the same time don't want to carry a big smartphone. Furthermore the S4 mini possesses various extra features and there is absolutely no reason for us why we should advise anybody against buying this brilliant device.

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