Saturday, November 22, 2014

Nokia Lumia 830 Green Review

The new Nokia Lumia 830 has to prove itself. The top smartphone of the middle-class starts with a price of $410. Visually the smartphone resembles the flagship Lumia 930. However, we indeed did notice a somewhat lower performance of the hardware compared to the 930. You will find out if it's worth buying the 5-inch model with HD-IPS display, quad-core processor and Windows Phone 8.1 after reading our full review.

Not only does the device term of the 830 resemble the Lumia 930, but also they look very much a like and you can see only small difference. Thus the appearance of the Lumia 830 is definitely of a premium category and who holds this smartphone in his hands will feel the high quality design and materials used for this Nokia phone. Probably the only real downside is the middle-class hardware, whereas they weren't stingy with the features.

Core: aluminum frame, Gorilla Glass 3 and colorful variety

From the very first moment the workmanship leaves a high-end impression. A high basic weight of 150g, paired with the metal frame takes care for that high quality workmanship impression. The lightly curved glass on the front side merges harmoniously into the overall design. The side frames around the display are pleasantly thin, but at the same time they are not too narrow so that they wouldn't interfere with the handling. Above and below of the display you can find the camera and the navigation keys, wherewith this space is useful filled.

The loudspeaker is placed on the lower part of the backside and it provides good results. The colorful backside made of synthetic material is rounded off by a small Nokia logo.While we complained about the Lumia 930 that its backside wasn't exchangeable, that isn't the case anymore with the 830. With the new smartphone you can remove the backside and thus the battery can be changed by the user. 

Features of the Nokia Lumia 830

The features-range indeed does convince all along the line. Regardless of whether it's about LTE-support, NFC, Wi-Fi or if it's about assisted GPS. GLONASS and BeiDou are also offered for navigation in other regions. You can use the headphones of the Lumia 830 again as a radio receiver. Bluetooth 4.0 takes care of the wireless connecting of the accessories and also it supports the Qi-standards for the wireless charging. While you didn't have the option to add a memory card with the Lumia 930, this is now again possible with the Lumia 830. The 16GB big internal flash memory can be additionally extended with a 128GB microSD card. Moreover, you have Office from Microsoft and 15GB cloud memory by OneDrive.


The Nokia Lumia 830 made a lasting impression on us. On the one hand the Glance Screen is back, which you couldn't find on the 930 because of its display technology, and on the other hand you can now exchange the battery and add an additional microSD card. With the 830 Nokia provides a nearly perfect smartphone. Not even the somewhat lower performance of its hardware couldn't change our opinion that this smartphone is just awesome.

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