Friday, November 28, 2014

Apple iPhone 6 Plus 128GB Gold Review

In this test the Apple iPhone 6 Plus with 5.5 inch screen has to face the big smartphones from the Android competition. More performance, more resolution, more visible area. This is the trend that has come from the Asian market, but will Apple and iOS 8 be able to compete with these?

Bigger, faster, better. What used to be applied to the car industry for a long period, now is working for the smartphones as well. The Samsung Galaxy Note series sells very good in Asia and manufacturer like LG, Huawei, Acer and Sony play in the 5 inch league as well. After the upgrade to the iPhone 5s Apple has been analyzing the market very carefully and they listened to the iOS fans.With the iPhone 6 and the here relevant Apple iPhone 6 Plus they again fulfill the wish of their customers. 

The case: new style, high-grade aluminum

What we usually do miss with Samsung smartphones is standard with Apple - a case made of aluminum. The Apple iPhone 6 Plus back cover and side edge is also swathed in metal. Compared to the iPhone 5s the 6 Plus has a way more rounded form, so you won't find any sharp edges on this iOS smartphone. The front side has been classically glazed and the gold version that we tested today is white framed. Subjectively the display margins of the iPhone 6 Plus attract more attention than the iPhone 5s.

Color Selection: Next to the gold version you also have a space-grey version.

For a phablet the Apple iPhone 6 Plus is rather light. 172 gram don't seem like much considering the size of these smartphones. Of course the design height of the case is with 7.1mm also very slim, what leaves a great impression regarding the handling. It must be taken into account that the iPhone 6 Plus is really a big smartphone, even bigger than most of other comparable 5.5 inch displays. On the site edge you can find the standard physical keys for volume control. the mute switch and the power switch. The iPhone fans won't have much trouble with the functionality of the home button and the integrated touch ID sensor for recognition of fingerprints. However, they may need some time to accustom to the position of the power switch who is now placed on the right side of the case.

Via cable you can connect the 5.5 inch smartphone through the lightning connector who is placed underneath with a PC or Mac. You use the same port to charge the iPhone 6 Plus.Microphone, loudspeaker and 3.5mm stereo headphone jack are also placed in this part of the case. Yet, even more important are the wireless communication possibilities. We have WLAN-ac, LTE, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC. Those who don't have a LTE contract with their cellphone company can always connect to the internet via UMTS and EDGE. It's also important to mention that NFC is only available to those who have Apple Pay, the mobile pay service.

Let's make it thinner: the case is now only 7.1mm thin.

The integrated camera on the back side really shows off. Also the camera posses a sapphire crystal cover so that it doesn't get damaged. The resolution of the camera amounts to 8 megapixel with 1.5ยต pixel. Additionally the auto focus was improved with the focus pixels function.Once again we have the approved true tone flash and the complete camera software repertory, that we already know from the iPhone 5s. New are the fast motion videos with 240 fps, 1080p resolution with up to 60 pictures/second and a manually illumination on the tap focus target. The quality of the recordings - photo and video, can only be described with a very good. To the FaceTime camera who is placed on the front side Apple has added a continuous photo shooting function, which is excellent for the popular selfies. 

Neat recordings: pictures and videos are even with 8 mega pixel of high quality 

Among others the photo and message app was upgraded and the virtual keyboard was improved. Now you can install and use third-party app supplier like Swype. A new feature is also the health app, who is supposed to serve as a fitness base. Among other things it can count the number of steps and the calorie consumption. In the future this app is supposed to communicate with other fitness tracker from Nike, Jawbone, Withings, Fitbit as to improve its precision. That is indeed a plus versus Samsung, because the S health app from Samsung can track only their own brand.

More surface: the iPhone 6 Plus offers among other things the home screen in landscape format.

Probably the most important phablet function is the landscape mode. Similar as with the other iPad phones, the 5.5 inch iPhone can be operated in the landscape format and all menus, apps and the home screen turn around as well. If you press the home button twice then you get additionally a single hand mode, who transports the upper part of the screen to the bottom. This turns programs like the calendar and mail into surplus value. 

Performance: excellent performance, yet still little internal memory

The centerpiece of the Apple iPhone 6 Plus is the Apple A8 processor along with M8 co-processor. This duo offers two cores (dual core) and a clock frequency of 1.4 GHz. Additionally we have the PowerVR GX6450 graphic unit. On paper those values don't seem like anything special, however we have already seen with the iPhone 5s that it can keep up with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801. In comparison to the A7 the Apple A8 has 25 percent more processor power and 50 percent more graphic performance. In addition the image signal processor (ISP) who takes care of the camera function was improved.

Very popular with technology fans: the benchmarks Geekbench 3 and 3DMark

Despite its comparative small 1GB internal memory the Apple iPhone 6 Plus is very fast with iOS 8. Especially with demanding and big apps the speed difference compared to the 5s is pretty noticeable. Everything seems to be slightly quicker. 


The Apple iPhone 6 Plus leaves a very good impression on us. The huge 5.5 inch smartphone brings along a great full HD screen and convinces in the matter of performance and graphic power. The iOS 8 operating system makes sure that the handling is simple and additionally it adds features, which Apple users only know from the Android devices. Despite the 8 megapixel camera, on the data sheet it was further improved and it can keep up with other high-end smartphones and tablets. Likewise the rounded design, the small design height and the small weight left a good impression on us.

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