Thursday, November 20, 2014

Acer Chromebook C720

Chromebook seems to have become the latest trend in the notebook industry and therefor we have taken a better look at the Acer Chromebook C720. Pupils and students very often use their notebooks mainly for internet research and creating different kind of document files or presentations. Expensive Ultrabooks offer way more than many students actually need and while in the past netbooks used to close that loophole, by now they are pretty much completely gone from the market.

The biggest friend of the Chromebook user will be the internet, because without an internet connection the rather cheap alternative to the notebook will be limited a lot. Like the name already says, the Chromebook runs with Chrome OS. Or to put it different, the Google Chrome browser is the centerpiece of the operating system for these notebook types. Programs run as apps who are previously downloaded from the Chrome-store. For data exchange as well you will have to use the cloud system.

The low price and the availability of important tools and programs for daily usage, together with the long battery life will ensure a good working tool for students. 


Considering the price you can't expect too much of the material quality. Therefor the Acer C720 presents itself pretty modest without any special conspicuousness. The Acer and Chrome logo are both placed on the upper side of the case. On the left side you can find the power connection, one port for HDMI and one for USB cable. On the right side you have enough space for a SD card, another external device via USB and a Kensington security lock. What we did like very much is that this notebook doesn't use MicroHDMI, so that you can connect your TV or monitor with your Chromebook without any issues and without the need of an adapter.


This device uses the Intel Celeron 2955U processor with 1.4 GHz. The chip with Haswell-architecture possesses more than enough performance so that your C720 works very fluently and smoothly. It doesn't matter if you have several web apps running at the same time or if you have diverse tabs open in your Chrome web browser, you won't notice any difference in the performance. Additionally it doesn't play a role if several websites with many pictures are open or if some tabs have videos loading - the performance with this processor is always adequate.


For little money you get a notebook that has more than enough performance capabilities for text writing, social media and movies. Thanks to SSD and dual core, as well as plenty of batter life this device is suited for students who don't want to spend too much money, but at the same time want the best performance for their money.

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