Monday, October 27, 2014

Motorola Moto X Developer Edition

Always a friendly ear. Motorola gives his flagship an upgrade and at the same time it sticks to proved virtues. The speech control is going to be developed even further. Additionally, a strong Snapdragon 801 as well as a 13 MP camera will be integrated. Through the Moto maker the smartphone can be individually designed and also it makes the usage of exclusive materials like real wood and leather possible.

Motorola has remolded the Moto X and has improved it significantly towards his predecessor. While the flagship smartphone of the first generation still had to get along with a Snapdragon S4 Per, 1.5 GB RAM, a 720p display and a 10 MP camera the technical specifications are going to be adapted to the current state, while at the same time it won't be set to a superlative level. The good working Snapdragon 801 is pretty fast, but it's not the top product of the house Qualcomm. The Full HD panel may be appropriate towards the 5.2 inches display diagonal, yet it's not on the same level as the Quad HD resolution of a LG G3. Instead of focusing too much on the technical superlative Motorola focuses on making the new Moto X more user friendly. A clear plus point for this smartphone is its individual scope for design, which can't be found by any of his competitors.

The Motorola Moto X case was completely revised, while at the same time they kept the ergonomic form. The backside is curved and on the exterior edges it's only 3.8 millimeters thick. Towards the middle of the smartphone it's thickness grows up to 9.9 millimeters. The weight is about 145 grammes which perfectly fine.

What we did like very much about the Moto X is that you can individually arrange the Motorola if you order on their online website. The front side is available in black and in white.The choice for the backside is somewhat more tricky. Here the customer can pick between 17 different synthetic materials and four different leather respectively wood backsides. Also the loudspeaker elements and the ring around the Motorola logo can be designed in different colors. Same as with Apple the device can be engraved individually.

The Qualcomm Adreno 330 takes care for an outstanding graphic acceleration of the Moto X. The Adreno can provide enough power for all titles in the Google Play Store, without any details being reduced. Also current games like the Fifa 15: Ultimate Team or the Asphalt 8 can run without any problems. 

The good touchscreen and the faultlessly working sensors take care that the game fun is put to an optimum.

The Motorola Moto X of the second generation represents a successful and consistent progression off his predecessor. With its high quality equipment it is now playing in the upper class, even thought it lacks the technical superlative. Much more this smartphone convinces with its flexible scope of design. No other competitor does use the speech control the way the Motorola Moto X does and thus makes contactless operating of an smartphone possible and accessible. That kind of innovation is something we really like.

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