Thursday, October 23, 2014

Asus G750JZ Notebook Review

With the latest incarnation of the well known ROG-series named G750JZ Asus presents us an exceptionally Notebook specially for gamer. In spite of enormous computing power and graphic performance the Asus G750JZ Notebook has no weaknesses regarding  thermal and acoustics in comparison to other compared devices. Certainly, they may have a little more potent CPUs, as far as this would be relevant if we take into account that the most games have limited GPU anyway. It's very unlikely that this would lead to a decreased efficiency, especially considering the exceptional level of the overall standard that this product has in practice. It's a fact that there exist only a handful of games who can bring the Asus in their highest possible settings even close to his limits. And those games usually don't/only marginally profit from decent faster processors.

In other ways as well we don't know what could put the high prize into question. Certainly, the colorful display is no IPS with sensational point of view stability. Yet, hardcore gamer will be very grateful to Asus for having fast switch times. Very harmonious input devices, the neat connection equipment as well as in the Idle mode muted respectively quiet fan predestine the G750JZ also as a desktop replacement for the work, browsing and for multimedia.

We don't see many arguments that would favorite the Schenker or the MSI. The XMG P704 offers a modular concept with various extension possibilities. However, it's louder and in the matter of design we weren't impressed too much. Extremely loud under full load is our conclusion about the MSI GT70. Also many users have complained about the small Touchpad, while they praised the sound of the MSI GT70.

Battery life

Those who want to work more mobile with their G750JZ will gladly hear that the battery life in the WLAN test with about 6h is one of the Top 3 comparable notebooks. Considering the fact that you can't play games properly without a power supply, the battery service life under high load conditions can be left out of consideration. One of the longest movies of all times is "Gone with the wind" with 236 minutes. The tested device Asus G750JZ-T4023H Notebook manages to play the movie just in time.


The keys are to be found all in the expected positions and in essence also have the right size which one is used on the standard desktop keyboards. The writing goes smoothly and noiseless, whereby this doesn't always apply for the bigger keys. The keys itself are light flat and are lightly rubberized. Under heavy pressure the keyboard bends lightly inwards. Thanks to regular illumination and enough brightness we can also give the three stage keyboard lighting a good grade.


We liked the Touchpad even more than the keyboard, because of its lightly rough, yet not until the very edge touch sensitive surface. Double clicking was as efficientlly registered as a left click on a mouse. Many other devices fail at this important test. Even manoeuver like drag and drop at no time were a problem for the testing person.


The Asus G750JZ display shows high grade and a matt TN-Panel with Full HD resolution (16:9), what makes sense for the targeted audience of gamers, because of the better display reaction times compared to most other IPS-Panels. Not for nothing are both compared devices equipped this way. The biggest disadvantage of the TN technology is the limited point of view stability.

Illumination of the display

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