Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Acer Aspire E15 ES1-511-C59V Notebook Review

The advantages of the Aspire can be quickly summarized: It is available for little money (compared to other notebooks) and offers very long batter life. Can one make a mistake buying it?

The Aspire ES1 511 is equivalent to the Packard Bell Easynote TF71BM-C8R1. Even its low price the Easyenote has cut a fine figure and additionally he was able to convince with his long battery life as well. Will the Aspire be able to keep pace with his competitors? Let us see what our test report says.

Competitors of the Aspire are all 15.6 inches notebooks in the price area of approximately 300€/381$.  These include next to the Easynote, for example the Asus X551MAV-SX391B, the Lenovo B50-30, the Lenovo Ideapad G50-45 and last but not least the Acer Aspire E1-532.

How we already said the Aspire is equivalent to the Packard Bell Easynote TF71BM-C8R1. Optically they only differ by the keyboard overprint. Another difference is found with the operating systems. While the Easynote works with Windows 8.1 with Bing (64Bit), the Aspire Linpus uses Linux as its operating system.

With the Aspire ES1-511-C50C Acer offers a very cheap office notebook in the 15.6 inches format.  The computer is suitable for the areas of Office, Internet and video playback.


Even if the numbers of processors of the Easynote TF71BM-C8R1 and the Aspire suggest only a minimal differences, the differences falls out more largely. While the Easynote is equipped with a 2 core processor, the Aspire comes with a 4 core processor. With multi thread applications the Aspire loads twice as fast than the Packard Bark notebook. This 4 core processor is called Celeron N2930 (Bay Trail). The CPU works with a basic speed of 1.83 GHz. Enabling the turbo speed we can go up to 2.16 GHz. The TDP is about 7.5 watts.

Graphic Card

The graphic core of the Aspire comes from Intel and carries the designation HD Graphics. He supports DirectX 11 and works at speeds up to 854 MHz. The results of the 3D Mark Benchmarks are as to be expected. At the same time they show that the GPU is part of the lower performance chart.Comparable notebooks on AMD basis - like the Lenovo Ideapad G50-45 offer notable more graphic performance. So the Radeon R4 who is installed in the Ideapad (Beema) core reaches in the 3D Mark 2011 Benchmark a more than three times higher result as the Intel graphic core. 

Gaming Performance

CPU and GPU of the Aspire were not created for the illustration of costly 3-D games. Only a small number of games reach fluid frame rates on the Aspire. And even then only with low resolution and low quality settings. However, games from the Windows Store don't cause any issues. 


As a conclusion for the Aspire E 15 ES1-511 we can say that it is very cheap. You won't find many devices for such a low price. Therefor it's main tasks will be Office, Internet and video playback. This model has showed a pretty good battery life. Also it has a solid keyboard and a mat screen, but we should add the fact that the display only offers a limited brightness. At least the contrast values are pretty good. Compared to other notebooks in his price range it has an excellent processor especially useful for users who need multi thread computing power.

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